Jack Rosenbalm Prize for American Humor

Jack Rosenbalm Prize for Scholarship in American Humor

Awarded tor the best article on American humor by a pre-tenure scholar, graduate student, adjunct professor, or independent scholar published in (or accepted for publication in) a peer-reviewed academic journal or book.  Articles published in 2014 and 2015 are eligible for the next award.  Please submit by 1/3/2016 to: wuster@gmail.com

Articles will be judged by a committee of three scholars appointed by the AHSA Board.  Those selected will be notified by the end of March 2016. Articles will be judged by blind peer review.

Applicants are invited to submit an electronic copy (in .doc, .docx, or .pdf form) of their articles together with our the attached registration form to Tracy Wuster at wustert@gmail.com

All copies should be formatted for blind review and thus without identifying references or title. Applicants do not need to be members of the AHSA to submit.


Prize: $100; one-year membership in the AHSA; paid conference registration for 2018 AHSA conference.

The winner will receive a letter written by the selection committee on the prize and the reasons the article was selected.

Prize Committee



2013 Winner:

On behalf of the Selection Committee for the Jack R. Rosenbalm Essay Prize offered by the American Humor Studies Association, we are pleased to announce the selection of Ina Seethaler’s essay, “Big Bad Chinese Mama: How Internet Humor Subverts Stereotypes about Asian American Women,” which the was the unanimous choice of the committee, with special praise for its clarity, originality, and insight.


Jack Rosenbalm Essay Prize Registration Form

Please fill out this form completely, save it in a file named with your name, followed by AHSA Prize 2014-5 and send it with the electronic version your article by email to wustert@gmail.com. This form and the article should be in .doc, .docx, or .pdf form.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Select one:  [ ] Graduate Student  [  ] Independent Scholar  [  ] Assistant Professor

[  ] Adjunct, or other non-tenured scholar

Department: _________________________________________________________________

Institutional affiliation: _________________________________________________________

Title of article: ________________________________________________________________


Journal title: __________________________________________________________________

Volume: _____________ Issue: _____________ Date of publication: _____________________


Accepted for (date of publication): ________________________________________________

Mailing Address:____________________________________


NOTE: If not yet published, please include a copy of the acceptance letter verifying that it will have a 2015 journal publication date (even if the actual edition will not appear until 2016).

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