ALA 2008

Rabelaisian Humor in America   

Organized by the American Humor Studies Association

Chair:  Gregg Camfield, University of California, Merced

1.            “Feral Infants and the Outlandish Growth of Satire in Infinite Jest,” Andrew Warren, University of California, Irvine

2.            “Gargantua in the Quarter: Roamin’ Catholic Sensibility in A Confederacy of Dunces,” Peter Kunze, Florida State University

3.            “‘You Killed Kenny!’: Rabelaisian Death Parody in Adult Animation,” Angela Farmer, Auburn University

‘For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread’:  Humor on the Cutting Edge         

Organized by the American Humor Studies Association

Chair:  Sharon McCoy, University of Georgia

1.            “Presenting Mark Twain:  Keeping the Edge Sharp,” Regina Faden, Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum, Hannibal, Missouri

2.            “Making Fun of Ourselves: Ethnic Self-Parody and Identity in Black Blackface Minstrelsy,” Mark H. Leahy, Purdue University

3.            “Treading on Dangerous Ground:  Race and Authenticity in African American Standup Comedy,” Lanita Jacobs-Huey, University of Southern California