MLA 2008

Gender Bent: Humor and the Sexes

Program arranged by the American Humor Studies Association

Presiding: Janice E. McIntire-Strasburg, Saint Louis Univ.

1. “Nyukin’ Poisonal: The Feminism of the Three Stooges,” Roxanne Schwab, Saint Louis Univ.

2. “Strange Bedfellows: On Ambrose Bierce and Dorothy Parker,” Rebecca Mitchell, Univ. of Texas–Pan American

3. “‘That Guy Doing Potsy Is Amazing’: Humor and Contemporary Manhood,” Angela Farmer, Auburn Univ., Auburn

4. “Funny Feelings: The Five Lesbian Brothers’ Oedipus at Palm Springs ,” Sara Lynn Warner, Cornell Univ.


“Fun” de Siècle: Twenty-First-Century Humor

7:15–8:30 p.m., Golden Gate 4, Hilton

Program arranged by the American Humor Studies Association

Presiding: Roxanne Schwab, Saint Louis Univ.

1. “‘Diversity Today, Because Tomorrow Is Almost Over’: Michael Scott and the Politically Correct Generation,” Rachel Hawley, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale

2. “America (the Conference Paper): The Onion Unpeeled, The Daily Show Untimed,” Adam Lifshey, Georgetown Univ.

3. “The Signifying Panties: Blues Humor in Parks’s Getting Mother’s Body,” Andrea Dimino, New Coll. of Florida