MLA 2007

Shadows in the Light: The Pleasure of Dark Comedy

Program arranged by the American Humor Studies Association

1. “Flannery O’Connor’s Humor: The Violent (and the Funny) Bear It Away,” Mark G. Bosco, Loyola Univ., Chicago

2. “‘I Am Very Old, Very Cynical of the World, and I Know It All. In Short, I Am Seventeen’: Humor as Coping Strategy in Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive,” Roxanne Schwab, Saint Louis Univ.

3. “Selling Postmodern Theory and Rethinking Arthur Schopenhauer: Dark Humor in Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections,” Ty Hawkins, Saint Louis Univ.

 Reeling with Laughter: Humor on the Silver Screen

Program arranged by the American Humor Studies Association

Presiding: Roxanne Schwab, Saint Louis Univ.

1. “From Hitchcock to Hudsucker: The Parody/Homage Comic Form,” Vincent Casaregola, Saint Louis Univ.

2. “The Mock in Mockumentary: Christopher Guest and the False Performance,” Heidi R. Moore, Northern Virginia Community Coll., Alexandria

3. “The Curious Case of Borat: What a Fake Documentary Tells Us about Real America,” Dave Saldana, Iowa State Univ.