The American Humor Studies Association is dedicated to the study of American humor in all its aspects. The Association is an affiliate of the MLA and ALA and presents convention programs at MLA, ALA, and SAMLA. Annual business meetings are held at the annual ALA meeting in May of each year. We welcome all scholars to attend AHSA meetings and submit papers for consideration at our meetings. Presenters must become members of the American Humor Studies Association prior to or coincident with the presentations at conferences.

The AHSA and the Mark Twain Circle of America sponsor quadrennial conferences open to members of either organization. The 2006 conference was held in New Orleans; the 2010 conference was held at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego. We will return to New Orleans for the 2014 conference.

Interested in joining the AHSA? You might ask, “What’s in it for me?” The answer: a membership entitles you to two newsletters (To Wit) a year and two issues of our journal (Studies in American Humor—Fall and Spring). You also receive a handsome and useful pocket calendar.  Finally, you will be part of an active and supportive community of scholars, with full voting rights in all association business.

Questions on membership can be directed to  Todd Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer

Membership Rates: (annually)

Regular Membership: $30 ($35 for addresses outside the United States)

Graduate Students: Free year membership (if you sign up 1/1/2021 through 6/1/2021)

Independent Scholar: $15 ($20 international)

Library and Institutional: Available through Penn State University Press

Multiple-Year Memberships:

We offer discounts for multi-year regular memberships.  The first amount is for domestic rates; the second for international rates.

2-year membership:  $55 ($65)

3-year membership: $80 ($95)

4-year membership: $105 ($125)

5-year membership: $130 ($155)

Lifetime membership: $300 ($400)






NOTE: Graduate memberships are free for the entirety of 2021********