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Call for Papers

27th ISHS Conference

Holy Names University

Oakland, CA

June 29-July 3, 2015


Sponsored by American Humor Studies Association


Revisionary Strategies for the Study of 19th Century American Humor

In many ways scholars from the early part of the 20th century have set the stage for the study of 19th century humor. Early humor scholars Jeannette Tandy, Constance Rourke, and Walter Blair’s seminal texts took a very particular stance on what constituted American Humor. The titles of their books give a good idea of their thinking concerning “American” humor: American Humor: A Study in American Character (Rourke 1931), Crackerbox Philosophers in American Humor and Satire (Tandy 1925), and Horse Sense in American Humor from Benjamin Franklin to Ogden Nash (Blair 1931). The texts focus almost exclusively on white, male, vernacular humorists from the Southwest and Down East “schools,” with very few exceptions.


While these authors did a great deal to bring humor into the serious study of literature, their focus tended to leave out quite a few humor writers from the time period. As a consequence, they give the mistaken impression that “American Humor” was much more unified and homogeneous than it actually was.


This call for papers seeks presentations from scholars whose study is the humor of the 19th century from a broader perspective, one that includes more women, authors of color, and authors who do not fit the mold of “Crackerbox Philosopher” or exhibit their humor as “horse sense”—with an eye toward revising who and what defined American Humor in the 19th Century.


Abstracts containing title and 250 word description of the presentation should be sent to Janice McIntire-Strasburg via email at by March 10, 2015.


MLA 2016, Austin, TX

Roundtable on Keywords in American Humor Studies

This roundtable seeks to address the questions of humor and its publics as a part of the conference’s Presidential theme of: “Literature and Its Publics: Past, Present, and Future.” The theme asks:

Who is the public for literature? How is our work as teachers, historians, editors, and critics—above all, as interpreters—a public act?

This roundtable will seek to start a conversation on the public dimension of humor studies by focusing on keywords of humor studies—such as “laughter,” “text,” and “humorist.” Other keywords in addition to those terms are welcome. Presenters will post a short position statement online six weeks before the conference.

Please submit a short abstract (100-200 words) by 3/15 to: Presenters will have 4-8 minutes, depending on number of participants. Presenters must be members of both the MLA and the AHSA.


Call for Papers

2015 SAMLA Annual Conference November 13-15

Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center, Durham, NC

Topic: Humor in Social Media

This panel welcomes papers about any aspect of Humor in Social Media. Paper proposals addressing the SAMLA 87 theme (In Concert: Literature and the Other Arts) are especially welcome. By May 1, 2015, please submit a 300-500 word abstract, brief bio, and A/V requirements to Joe Alvarez, at

Participants must be members of SAMLA to participate in this session. Proposers must express a firm commitment to attend the conference.



Dear ALA Societies Contact,


Please accept this short message to call your attention to an American Literature Fulbright grant at the University of Bergen in Norway. This grant provides an opportunity to explore American literature and culture in a foreign country where English language proficiency is not an issue, and to experience a different system of higher education. As program alumni will readily attest, time spent in Bergen is worthwhile and the benefits long-lasting.


Cassandra Falke, who is wrapping up her stay recently sent in a piece for our website reflecting on the year. In it she talks about the experience, noting succinctly,”…I have flourished here, and my work has benefitted from that.” Among other things, she mentions appreciating the combination of a light (by American standards) teaching load and little committee work with full participation in departmental decisions related to her courses.


The scholar normally teaches eight hours per week in the fall and two hours per week in the spring, which allows considerable time for independent research. Detailed information about this grant and the online application can be found here. The application deadline for the 2015-16 academic year is August 1st.


I hope you will give the possibility of applying to become a Fulbright scholar in American Literature some consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.




Rena Levin

Program Officer

US-Norway Fulbright Foundation





Call for Papers: Studies in American Humor


Studies in American Humor (StAH) invites submissions for upcoming issues.  Submissions of essay manuscripts of between 5000 and 8000 words are welcome on any topic, theme, practice, practitioner, and medium of American humor.  StAH values new transnational and interdisciplinary approaches as well as traditional critical and historical humanities scholarship.

The official journal of the American Humor Studies Association, Studies in American Humor (ISSN 0095-280X) has published scholarly essays, review essays, and book reviews on all aspects of American humor since 1974.  Issues appear semi-annually in spring and fall; articles are indexed in the MLA International Bibliography and available in full text in EBSCOhost’s Humanities International Complete and Literary Reference Center databases.

Additional information can be found at  Please address essay submissions and inquiries to Judith Yaross Lee, Editor of Studies in American Humor, at

Please address books for review and interest in serving as a reviewer to

Tracy Wuster, Book Review Editor, at


Humor: The International Journal of Humor Research

Instructions for Authors

Contributors are invited to submit articles pertaining to humor research to the editor

Giselinde Kuipers
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Amsterdam
OZ Achterburgwal 185
1012DK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

See website for more information.


Comedy Studies

Comedy plays a more important role today than ever before: it is a multi-billion dollar global industry, with Hollywood comedies taking major profits each year and comedians commanding huge salaries and audiences worldwide. Yet there is currently no academic journal dedicated to these cultural phenomena.

Comedy Studies is a response to this glaring absence. The journal will cover multiple aspects of comedy, with articles about both contemporary and historical comedy, interviews with practicing comedians and writers, reviews, letters and editorials. The journal seeks to be instrumental in creating interdisciplinary discourse about the nature and practice of comedy and provide a forum for the disparate voices of comedians, academics and writers. In this way, the journal aims to be the first step in the creation of a community committed to the promotion, documentation and expansion of the field of comedy studies.

Sample themes might include Ancient Greek theatre, the relation of comedy and food and comedy and gender. Another interest would be the role of comedy in therapy; in medical circles comedy is being incorporated into the healing process and professionals are beginning to develop methods of using laughter to deal with physical and psychological problems. The journal is also intent on investigating historical attempts to analyse comedy, from Aristotle to Freud. Finally, it aims to create links between the growing number of university departments who offer specialist units or courses in comedy in the UK and abroad.

Comedy Studies invites contributions from researchers and practitioners throughout the world seeking to analyse all aspects of comedy, laughter and joking. Some proposed topics are:

•    Contemporary performance aspects in comedy
•    Comedy and gender 
•    Comedy and therapy
•    The comedy foreigner
•    Comedy in political life


See this page for expired announcements.

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