Panels at ALA, MLA, and ASA

American Literature Association

2014–Washington D.C.


2012–San Francisco


2010–San Francisco


2008–San Francisco


2006–San Francisco


2004–San Francisco

2003–Cambridge, MA

2002–Long Beach, CA

2001–Cambridge, MA

Modern Literature Association

MLA 2014: Vancouver, B.C.

MLA 2013: Philadelphia, PA

MLA 2012: Seattle, Washington

MLA 2011: Los Angeles

MLA 2009: Philadelphia

MLA 2008: San Francisco

MLA 2007: Chicago

MLA 2006: Phoenix

MLA 2005: Washington, D.C.

MLA 2004: Philadelphia

American Studies Association–Humor Studies Caucus

Information on past and future panels

The Humor Studies Caucus of the ASA is not officially connected with the AHSA, but we are pretty good friends.