Join by Mail

TO JOIN THE AMERICAN HUMOR STUDIES ASSOCIATION via mail, send a check, payable to American Humor Studies Association, to:

Jennifer Hughes, Secretary-Treasurer
American Humor Studies Association
Averett University, 316 Frith Hall
Danville, VA 24541

Email contact:

Please include name, mailing address, academic affiliation, e-mail address, and special interests.

Please download this form to send with your payment:  2016-individual-membership-form-new-rates

Membership Rates: (annually)

Regular Membership: $30 ($35 International)

Graduate Students: $15 ($20 International)

Library and Institutional: Available through Penn State University Press

Multiple-Year Memberships:

We offer discounts for multi-year regular memberships.  The first amount is for domestic rates; the second for international rates.

2-year membership:  $55 ($65)

3-year membership: $80 ($95)

4-year membership: $105 ($125)

5-year membership: $130 ($155)

Lifetime membership: $300 ($400)

Please note: if you would like to purchase the “Mad Magazine” issue at the discounted rate of $18, please add that to your total and make note of your desire on your membership form.  We recommend you write Jennifer Hughes via email to check on availability and to reserve a copy.