Join by Mail

TO JOIN THE AMERICAN HUMOR STUDIES ASSOCIATION via mail, send a check, payable to American Humor Studies Association, to:

Todd Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer
American Humor Studies Association
1309 Water St.
Indiana, PA 15701

Email contact:

Please include name, mailing address, academic affiliation, e-mail address, and special interests.

Please download this form to send with your payment:  2016-individual-membership-form-new-rates

Membership Rates: (annually)

Regular Membership: $30 ($35 International)

Graduate Students: free year membership (if you sign up from 1/1/2021 to 6/1/2021)

Independent Scholars: $15 ($20 International)

Library and Institutional: Available through Penn State University Press

Multiple-Year Memberships:

We offer discounts for multi-year regular memberships.  The first amount is for domestic rates; the second for international rates.

2-year membership:  $55 ($65)

3-year membership: $80 ($95)

4-year membership: $105 ($125)

5-year membership: $130 ($155)

Lifetime membership: $300 ($400)