Panels at ALA, MLA, and ASA

American Literature Association

2014–Washington, D.C.  May 22-25, 2014

Call for Papers

The AHSA plans to sponsor three sessions at the 2014 national meeting. We seek cogent, provocative, well-researched papers on the following subjects:

1. “Political Humor from Franklin to Colbert”—Abstracts (300 words max.) are encouraged on the connections between political discourse and American humor.  All periods and approaches—from literary texts to stand-up comedy—will be considered.  Papers should address both a specific context and the more general context of the uses and limits of humor in political realms.

2. “Teaching American Humor”–Abstracts (300 words max.) are encouraged for a roundtable on the challenges and joys of teaching American humor.  Each presenter will have 8-12 minutes (depending on the number of presenters chosen) to present their theoretical and/or practical approach to the teaching of American humor—whether focused on the general subject or on a specific topic.  A decent amount of time will be given to discussion of the topic.

3. “Graphic Humor in American Periodicals”—Abstracts (300 words max.) are encouraged on subjects addressing “graphic humor” in American periodicals.  Subjects could range from cartoon strips to political cartoons to illustrations, and may include alternative interpretations of the term “graphic.”  Papers should focus on the periodical context of the subject, as well as broader concerns of interpreting humor.  Panel sponsored by the American Humor Studies Association and the Research Society for American Periodicals.

Please e-mail abstracts no later than January 10, 2013 to Tracy Wuster ( with the subject line: “AHSA session, 2013 ALA.” Notifications will go out no later than January 20, 2013.


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The Humor Studies Caucus of the ASA is not officially connected with the AHSA, but we are pretty good friends.